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Monday, October 10, 2011

Samnak Tok Moo Vit

Note: Old forum thread from my forum at Photo taken using DC.

This is the Siamese landlord that i know from Wat Samakkhitham (Wat Changloon) this morning. Now let me continue the story of it. After they are done offering food to a monk there, i follow him back home. His samnak just located within walking distance, very near to the temple, in fact before you reach temple, you will reach his samnak first. His samnak is a modern building with yellow in color, very easy to recognise, but located a bit deep inside in an orchard.

We start by reading fortune on a office desk in an open space infront of his house. His fortune reading input required your angmo DOB, then he use numbering, lot of numbering to read your fortune. Quite accurate actually, he will tell you how is your current luck and when your good luck will come. But lets skip the fortune reading part nothing much can revert because of my privacy, lol. After fortune reading i took out RM20 to appreciate his work, i said this is what i can afford, please dont mind accepting it. He seems to be ok with the RM20, he said sometimes he doesnt care on money, just want to help people, but of course he got to receive money too because he still need to cover the living cost. He said its easy to see if people lie or not, some people say no money but after read their fortune he can see that they are wealthy person, he said no good to lie. After long hours of fortune reading, he said he want to do something for me to enhance my luck, i was wondering what he mean by that, because during the fortune reading session i was advised to take floral bath to remove bad luck and his floral bath aint cheap, fit amount of money according to your age, which i not planed to be bath by him (more info of his floral bath i will write later). He invited me to enter his house, to a samnak that full of bucha, from there i took his picture as displayed above.

Opps, look like i havent intro his name yet. People call him Tok Moo Vit, Vit is his name and Tok Moo (short form of Bomoh) is how people here address respected archan. Lot of people know about this archan, was loved by local peoples here and he said many important person such doctor, lawyer and inspector also came to seek his consultancy. He said last time 1 indian guy from Penang came here to cover his story in magazine, also he said amulet magazine from KL used to visited him and write his story.

He said his grandfather is from Thailand, came to live here then give birth his father. Its been few generation already they stay in here, the land is belong to them. He said last time before the temple was built he always spend his time there to meditate there, now after he kuasa (transfer authority) the land to temple he seldom go there anymore, he said if we donate anything to temple we mustnt know questioning on how they going to do with it, eg if we donate RM2 to temple we dont go to ask how this RM2 was used, weather they use RM2 to buy rice, or buy oil, it is up to them. He said 公德 is different with 目的,we do 公德 but dont have any 目的 then we get great amount of merit, if we do donation with purpose, example if we donate a temple post (柱子), then our name was written in that post, then our purpose was there already, we got no merit (公德)! i asked him, what if we donate a certain amount of money, but temple insist to display out the name, was it ok? He said it is ok if they write for you, but dont you donate money and ask them to display your name there. This is what i heard from Tok Moo Vit, just for sharing, though we might know this before but its great to hear it personally from a reputed Archan like him.

Take a look at the Lersi cloth that he is wearing in the photo, he said only he can wear this cloth, no one else can wear it not even the monk there. He said he learn wicha magic from his ancestor for very long time already, he always meditated in the jungle, he did told me about his 派别,but i was forgotten already. I asked him how many mean does he takes per day, he said just 1 meal, but sometimes also can eat 2 meals, i asked him does he need to be restricted by any rules, he said yes, people like them must also follow the 5 perspect of Buddha. Look like he is a serious white cloth Archan too with certain level of power.

He said during his grandfather and father time they are playing leather silhouette show (皮影戏) for living. He then show me the leather silhouette, i asked permission to snap photo of it, he agreed.

View inside of his samnak, many buchas around and the photos of his ancestor. Oh i forgot to say that, before he invited me to his samnak, he said want to do something for me, well it was just normal spread holy water. Before that he dress up that Lersi cloth, light up the white candle on a porcelain container and chant for a while, then he spread the water on me, he said this is to make my life become smoother, just a little ritual to enhance my luck, thats very kind of him.

We then continue normal chatting because i was interest at him, he look 慈祥 and 庄严。I like this kind of person. after a while he look around and grab me a Phra Nga amulet out from another tabat container! He said take it to use, it will help you. WOW a Phra Nga? I was afraid to receive it because as i know Phra Nga suppose to be barang, not mainstream amulet. He said its fine, himself also kept Phra Nga, he then took out his Phra Nga from this wallet and show to me. His Phra Nga is a bit smaller, wrapped by a piece of yellow cloth, keep in this wallet. He said use it, it will help you, keep it below waist. He said this Phra Nga if people want he will sell at RM400 to RM500 but today he give free to me because he want to help me, thats very kind of him. I asked him if Phra Nga will have any side-effect cause afterall it is not a mainstreamer, he said dont worry about that, you can continue wearing your amulet, just keep it below your waist, it will help you to attract business and metta, and since its not mainstream so it is easy to take care of, not so sensitive with restriction. He said if you wear mainstream amulet like LP Thuad you need to always do good deeds, ever chu 1 and chu 15 must go temple chanting and must follow exactly the 5 precepts of buddhism, if we broke the rules, then the harm to ourself is also very big. He said with Phra Nga you can even go to drink alcohol, doesnt matter Well maybe thats the different between white cloth archan and yellow kasaya monk, the way they helping devotees is different, but personally i think if we can get the balance point of it then it should be fine.

Thats the Phra Nga he gave to me, and he is with me now he said its been long time he kept it, now i think it is quite suitable with you, i give it to you, let you use it, keep it properly, next time when you are financially well, just buy rice, oil, sugar and etc to offer me as appreciation. He said if you remember me, you will come back, if you are not remembering me anymore, then its fine, other people will come, he said if we helped people, we dont want to ask for return, and we dont care if that person will appreciate it or not, because if we helped a person, another person will come to help us, automatically. I asked him how to do offering to his Phra Nga, he said dont need to do anything, just keep it below your waist and you can carry on your daily life, doesnt matter if entering temple or anywhere, but must put under altar at home when not wearing. He said any amulet is type of energy, different type of amulet create its own type of energy or light (光) to attract things, example metta light to attract metta, wealth light to attract money, and etc, he said Phra Nga will help to attract money, metta and etc, on top of that the money that you earned can be kept, not easily spent out. He said if you do merits then the light of Phra Nga or any amulet that you are wearing will become more light, or powerful in the other word to say, if you dont, the light will come smaller, but still ok with it, Phra Nga is easy to take care with, dont have any side effect. Hm...this Phra Nga look powerful but im a bit scare of keeping barang, hopefully im fine with it

I asked him if he got any other old and genuine amulet, he said yes but price thousand above. He said last time they personally go to the temple in Thailand to rent it, very cheap with temple price at that time. Now he still got offering new and genuine amulet to kids who visit him, for free, just to please those kids, very kind of him. Obviously that he is not try to make profits from his amulet, see he just gave me that Phra Nga for free.

We moving out from this samnak to table outside continuing chatting... He said this building, most of the furniture inside, including 2 cars (proton) were present by his devotees after he helped them. He said look at this table and chair (office desk) it was present by an inspector, giving to him free when they are renovating the office. Looks like he got lot of rich and powerful devotees who trust and support him.

Before continue the story of this Archan, just to share with you guys that, the 4D that he gave me after fortune reading, just open but numbering swap, luckily didnt bet big, he said i dont have windfall luck, just play small for fun, so i bet RM2 only, if bet ibox will kena, never mind then, wasnt expected much from 4D luck.

The Phra Nga that he gave me got kring inside, when saking can hear "kring....kring...." inside. Asked him which master made it he said forgot already, took from temple in Thailand long time be precious, the time he gave me the amulet look so sincere, thank him so much. He said dont you display it out on the internet, i dont want people come here to ask from me i said dont worry about that, most of the reader is matured audience, they wont do such thing.

Ok if you want to get floral bath by him, must prepare the following:

  • Oil. Meaning to get things smooth.
  • Candle. Meaning to bright up your luck.
  • Rice. For wealth.
  • Pinang leaf, betelnut, white powder. Maybe this is to offer to his master.
  • Sarong and a piece of white cloth. He said if i bath for you, my cloth will also get wet by the water, sarong and piece of white cloth is somekind of ritual, which mean i also to bear your bad luck, and you show appreciation to me.

His floral bath cannot be done on Wednesday because he said Wednesday is the day of evil. We then continue chatting, i asked if it is ok if i post his info on the internet, including his phone number, just for sharing purpose and im not making any profit of it, he said sure go ahead, if people need his help can find him, i said would you worry if people from internet keep calling and disturb you, he said its fine, wont matter, a very kind archan. I then asked him what he is specialized anyway, cause i want to intro him, he said he can do many things, and i keep asking, it must be something that your devotees really like from you, example floral bath, fortune reading and etc? He said people like his tiger skin takrut, which sell at RM800, good for business and metta. I was wanted to look at his tiger skin takrut but he said only do it when people order. I saw there is a KMT bucha in his samnak, so i asked him if he can made KMT for people to rent back and pray, he said KMT bucha inside his samnak is for his own usage, especially on fighting evil exorcism, he said if he turn the KMT facing the buddha, then it will automatically turn by himself, he said the KMT dont like to face the buddha I asked him did he created any amulet before, he said yes, used to create amulet for that temple (Wat Changlun) for fund raising purpose, but i didnt asked what kind of amulet was that.

Seeing he is white cloth archan, i think he must have learned some wicha that we are not often seen before, especially when he was heritage the ancient magic skills learned by his ancestor from Thailand. my guess was right, after keep investigating, he told me that he is capable of creating a type of small bucha using the special wood from jungle, 3 type of woods are required, they are: Jou, Rak and Ruun. After collected those wood (plant), he will form a shape as figure below and conscreating for 7 days before letting out for devotees, this small bucha is good for business and metta.

As for the price of it, 3 x of your age, not your angmo age but the age that he calculated out using his method, mine is 167 if not mistaken, x3 will be around RM500 something. Well understand that good thing wont come in cheap and afterall he is white cloth archan, need to survive too, being a white cloth archan i can say that he is kind enough already by not fitting the price of his fortune reading service, and not promoting / pushing you to take his floral bath or any other ritual that has the price tag on it, even better by giving me the precious Phra Nga and teach me lot of things, very thankful to him.

Before i left, i said i will post his info on the internet and asking his permission once again, he said ok, and wanted to give me a namecard but he cant find one, he ask my favor to create him a box of namecard cause sometimes he want to give people namecard he just dont have it, and im surely with much pleasure to help him, info of his namecard and contact as follow:

Tok Moo Vit
87, Kg. Paya Noonmi, 06100, Changlun, Jitra, Kedah.

Services provided (my draft):

  • 看命
  • 冲花凉 / 增运仪式
  • 人缘/夫妻和合
  • 驱鬼/去邪
  • 风水/开光
  • 等等。。。

He ask me to insert the above yant to his namecard, he said this is the logo of him. Dont know how to read that yant, just know the center word is "Na". To test him, i asked if he can do kongtao to harm people, such as put people to dead and etc, he smile and said he doesnt do this kind of thing, much relieve after hearing that, he is a mainstream archan afterall. Well after spending about an hour there i go back cause stomach hungry already, also dont want to occupy the time of that chinese guy, been waiting for us so long, so paisheh to him. I believe that chinese guy also the devotees of that archan, maybe archan brought him to offer food (sakantan) to monk in that temple is to help him to accumulate merits, just another way of helping his devotees.

Thats all for this landlord white cloth tok moo vit. I believe i will see him again, cause need to create him a box of namecard.

Tok Moh 分享之3部曲:

今天拿了2盒上次答应要做给他的名片给他,当作是感谢他上次给我的 Phra Ngan。上次他给我 Phra Ngan 时告诉我叫我拿去用,等2-3年后情况好了再谢谢他也不迟,到时候再买米,油,糖给他,但我这个人如果答应了人家东西,就会一直想着直到完成为此(除了忘 记),名片和米,油,糖都不是很贵的东西,所以就无所谓,现在给他或以后再给他都没有分别,最多以后情形更好了之后就供奉更多给他咯。

今天到了他那边已经4点了,他在后院烧树叶,知道我来了之后就出来见我。看到我给他的名片他很高兴,我看到他喜欢,我也觉得欣慰。拿了米,油,糖给他,他 叫我进去法坛里面供给众神,我就照着办,然后才出来坐在外面的院子里聊天。他问我好吗,我说一般,还没有那么快就会见效吧,他听完笑笑,然后再帮我批一些 运程之类的东西。今天跟他聊了蛮多的,本来他要去 Alor Setar 见一位朋友,因为他的朋友车祸了,情况非常的严重,耳朵还着流血,他的老婆打电话来叫 Tok Moh 过去看看,Toh Moh 准备好了祖传的药方要拿给他,但今天回有善信从吉隆坡赶来,大概5-6点这样才会到,所以就一边跟我聊,一边等他们,然后晚上再去Alor Setar 见他的朋友。我问他有没有办事时间,好让我可以写在网络上,他说任何时候都可以,只要他有空就行,晚上也可以办事,我问道那星期三呢,不是不可办事的吗, 他说如果是驱魔的法事在星期三也可进行,至于增运之类的法事就不宜了。


  • 算命的技巧与来源
  • 浅谈坐禅
  • 上帝
开始3部曲的第一部曲之前,先跟大家分享他的圣物。之前提到他会做虎皮铜管符,所以这一次去我就再三要求他拿出来给我拍照,但他说真的没有现货,人家要他 才会去做。听了有点失望,不能一睹真面目。聊着聊着,看到一辆车前来,里面有一对印籍夫妻跟一位小孩子,男的下车问他一些东西后就离开了,他们离开后 Tok Moh 就说,刚才忘记跟你说,那车里的小孩也穿着他做的虎皮铜管符,之前帮那位小孩批了运程,知道了他将会有灾难,在他的父母要求下就做了虎皮铜管符给他们的小 孩戴。后来小孩的父母跟他说,自从他戴了虎皮铜管符后,每次他顽皮时打他打到自己的手都痛了,但他的孩子还是好像没有什么!原来那位印籍小孩带了有 Kongkrapan 功能的虎皮铜管符后,连他的父母也伤不了他了!我问道,你的虎皮铜管符是不是有很多种的,他说是的,针对个人要求就会做不同种类的虎皮铜管符给他们,有避 难/壁险,刀枪不入的 (Kongkrapan),有生意人缘的,还有专做给喜欢赌博的人戴的!戴了横财运很旺!他说,虎皮铜管符要开光7天,善信如果要做就必须提供个人资料如 名字等,问道为什么需要名字,他说这是在开光虎皮铜管符时,要呼唤你的名进入虎皮铜管符内,这样的话那虎皮铜管符才会认得主人是谁,提供更加强的保护,而 且这虎皮铜管符只能你自己一个人用而已,戴在别人身上是不会发挥功效的。这说法和阿占爹生日铜符的说法极为相似。听他这么说,我对他的虎皮铜管符也很感兴 趣,但800块实在有点贵,就随缘吧。

聊着聊着,在聊到算命的技巧与来源的时候,聊到了他在印尼的朋友,拿了一些文章跟我分享,我已经发布在 “好运快快来” 那里了,有兴趣可以去看看。


那天第二次去找他,他问我怎样了,我说还好啊,虽然没有突然发财什么的,但一切都属于正常,除了最近身体比较不舒服,这是天气的原因。跟他说上次给我的字 开了安慰奖但跳字,他听完就自动的翻开那本记录着善信的书,要找我的命盘。看他翻来覆去都找不到,因为他每帮一位善信看命,就会照着他们的命盘来给他们幸 运号码,我记得上次他并没有把我的幸运号码写在我的命盘上,只写在一张纸条上给我而已,难怪这次他找来找去都找不到,看来他需要电脑化它的服务了,呵呵, 输入善信的名字,资料全出来。他把厚厚的算命簿翻倒最后一面,重新把我的命盘给写下去。看着他那本厚厚的命盘书,有点象阎罗王的生死簿,触目惊心!他说, 后部分是用来记录比较熟的善信,包刮他自己的家人的命盘也写在那边。他说人的命每天都在变,有些人在行运时往往会得意忘形,那么他就可以打电话去给他,提 醒他这个月要注意什么。看来他的服务真的很贴心,也许这就是付费与免费的差别。他看命是随缘的,但增运方面如冲花凉等就不了,要收费的,而且不便宜,百多 块吧,看你的岁次 x 3。这也许是他们的规则,每行都有它的规则,看我们自己如何看待而已,有些人可以接受,有些人就不能,见仁见智。

他要了我的阳历跟阴历的生日,然后就开始写了7-8行的数字,每一行的下面也写满了数字,然后就会开始帮你批。这种数字算命法阿占爹也会。我问他,你的算 命方法是不是要用数字的,他笑说不是,数字只是代表而已,如 1 代表你自己,2代表你的伴侣,3代表你的财运,4代表家庭等等。。。如此推类。他说这样比较简单,如果要用文字来代表的话也可以,但要写满整张纸了。我问 他,这算命法是不是你的祖上传下来的,他点头说是。那这种算命法是那一位先师传下来的呢,我继续问,他说,这种算命法是从印尼传下来的。我听了呆一下,心 想印尼传下来的,不可能吧。他解释到,其实在早期佛教盛行于印度时,最先传出去的是印尼,然后再传入中国,然后才是泰国。这种算命法是在印尼 Pagoda 时代被发扬光大的,后来传入了中国,再进入泰国。要知道公元800多年前在回教还没有传入印尼前,佛教已经先到了,可以考察婆羅浮屠。所以如果说这种算命法如果是从印尼传出来的,一点也不奇怪,但其始源还是印度吧,或者是在当时印尼的佛教徒或印度教徒自己研发出来的,这我就没有问了。

其实老实说,令伯这一生算命可真多了,很多种算命法都试过了,只差没有试过铁板神算而已。我个人比较喜欢的是神通的算命法,如用禅功之类的,毕竟其它的都 是统计学,虽然说有一定的准确度,但也不可能每个人都一样,人的的命每天都在改,多做善事就有好报,命盘再好如果不去珍惜而去糟蹋,也不会有好运。但流年 大运还是可以从统计学里做参考的,其细节的话就要靠我们自己的造化了。前面说过阿占爹也是用这种算命法,记得2008年我第2次去找阿占爹时看到他为一位 泰籍妇女看命,然后我就要求他我也要看,阿占爹要了我的阳历生辰,然后就开始在纸上写着一行又一行的数字。又是这种统计学的算命法,我心里再想,会准吗! 阿占爹批完数字后,二话不说,劈头就来一句 “你的身体有个部分有颗痣,必须除掉!不然你做什么都不会成功!” 靠!心惊肉跳,我那部分有痣你也批得出来? 呵呵。。。那是阿占爹的故事,在这里顺便提起,以后再跟大家分享。。。

回到 Tok Moh Vit。。。他说,帮人家看命是要用到自己的元神的,这样才会准确,虽然说是统计学,但也必须应用本身的元神才会更加准确。经常帮人家看命会大伤元神,也 会因此泄漏天机,会折福的,所以善信必须要包红包以示感谢。他说,每天晚上都要坐禅,这样做是要提升自己的元神,让算命时除了可以做出更加精确的推测,也 可以保护自己。一边聊他一边帮我看,他说我的命带有5位佛,但也有一位 lahu,既是我们华人常说的煞星,或小人,所以今年走lahu年,要格外小心。 我问他能不能从命盘中看得出来一个人有没有当乩童的条件,他说可以,但他说我没有,难怪我的感应这么差。他说,有些人命带当乩童的条件,这种人不管神明还 是阴灵都很喜欢靠近然后上他/她身。既然聊到了乩童,就问他到底常常被神明上身好不好,他说不好啊,人有自己的元神,被上身后元神就会变得很轻,常常被赶 出去,别其他神明/鬼灵借用你的肉体,你说会好吗?这点我就同意,所以我从来没有尝试过要被上身,因为我深深了解到元神很重要,坐禅其实也不就是要提神自 己的元神而已,人家常常说自性佛,每个人都有佛性,其实就是说我们自己的元神,通过坐禅可以提升自己的元神,中国道家的说法就是修仙,佛家说法就是自性 佛,明心见性。他说,他的客户案例的确有人是天生带有当乩童的命的,他说等下要从吉隆坡下来找他的一对印籍夫妻,那女的之前就是一直被鬼附身,因为她的命 就是如此,经过多次的做法后比较好了,但他说还不能完全断绝,因为她有祖灵要靠身之类的,不可完全封闭她。我不是听得很懂,也没有继续追问下去。聊到后面 时,果然看见一辆吉隆坡车牌的车来到,车上有一对印籍夫妻,我想着就是他刚才说的那位了。


谈了很多算命的东西,有些忘了,抱歉,我没有做笔记的习惯。常常出去跟客户谈东西时都双手空空去,这是我的习惯,他们会很吃惊,会带有质疑的眼光问我,你 都记起来了吗,呵呵,我都说,放心,都记起来了,其实有时也会漏掉一些东西,但就是不喜欢做笔记,以前读书的时候也是,现在也是。

谈到了坐禅,我问他,是不是每天都要坐禅,他说是啊,都在晚上的时间。他继续说,你要学坐禅,我可以教你,说完就在他的椅子上盘起双脚。他说,你只要记得 2个字就好了,就是 “Phu” 跟 “Tho”,他还怕我听不明白,在白纸上写给我看。我点头,表示听得懂。看来他也是走森林派修行的,鲁士派的应该都是森林派的吧,我猜测。他说,找个安静 没有人打扰的地方,要坐得舒服,手势像我这样,他把右手放在左手上,但拇指没有相扣,把眼睛闭上,往光点的地方去,什么都不要理了。听到了这边,我露出疑 惑的表情,他见状后就解释到,当你在打坐时,什么都不要想,眼睛闭着,但去找一个光点,起先那光点会很小,你打坐功夫越深,那光点就会越来越大,这就对 了。除了光点,你还会看到很多东西迎面而来,过往的亲人啦,朋友啦,鬼啦,神啦,你什么都不要理,就让它过去,继续往光点的地方去就对了。听完想了一下, 和阿占爹教导的类似,除了阿占爹多次强调要注意呼吸,看到东西不要理它,继续专注于呼吸就可以了,但没有提到什么光点,而这位师傅就有提到光点。我没问那 光点是什么,但我想应该就是自性佛,那就是自己的元神了。他说,要有耐心,没这么快给你看到光点的,要努力练习,至少2-3年吧!

他教完了打坐的技巧,歇了一下,点了根草烟,拿起桌上的矿泉水问我要不要喝,我拒绝了他,因为上次去的时候也看到那两罐矿泉水,不知放了多久了,呵呵。但 他的好意我心领了。他抽了口烟,继续说,打坐好处很多,身体会很健康,思想敏切。你看有些人,很仓促,做东西讲话都很急,为什么这样呢?因为他们不知道自 己在做什么,要急,要快,但没有目标,不知道会有什么结果。他说打坐的人不会这样,做东西有信心,慢慢来,清楚知道自己在做什么。他说,当你得道了之后, 你就会自己懂了很多东西,宇宙内所有的东西你都会懂了,我想这就是开窍吧,他不会华语,所以要靠方言讲很多才会把开窍这两个字的意思表达完毕,但他会讲福 建话的 “得道”,还好我知道这两个字的华语,才明白他用福建话讲出来的 “得道”。人类的沟通是个大学问,听了,不一定懂,讲了,也不一定明白,往往导致很多问题的出现,“会意” 这两个字很重要,要修得有会意,就要靠多多打坐,脑波强了,就好像神通一样,也好像外星人一样,不用靠语言了,脑波意识直接沟通!回到 Tok Moh,他说,常人是很难到达 Nirvana (天堂) 的,除了那些愿意放下一切出家的和尚,因为常人还在俗,很多东西要挂虑,出家人就不一样了,他们的工作就是修行。阿占爹曾经说过,当和尚如果不坐禅,那么 和尚做来干什么!现在我终于明白了,阿占爹要到达更高的境界,一个必须靠出家才可以到达的境界,除了自己本身的意愿,也得靠众天神的帮助,所以当和尚就必 须守戒律,循规蹈矩,修行路慢慢来,认真的走,走正道,迈向 Nirvana!

Tok Moh 说,人死归土,到时什么都没有了,唯有意识还存在。我说,不是还有灵魂吗,他说灵魂会随着时间而消失,而意识就不会,意识永远存在,要锻炼意识,就是要靠 禅修。他说到这,我就听懂了。你呢?意识,如果科学一点来讲,就是有质物,也就是一种能量,爱因斯坦的物质不灭定律,说的是物质的质量不灭; 能量守恒定律,说的是物质的能量守恒,这就符合了他说的了,意识永远存在,那怕事几千几亿年,永远都还存在一个空间里,这就说明很多道高僧圆寂后还会继续 显灵打救世人,因为他们的修行导致他们的意识能量已经到达了一种可以自由存在的状态了,神佛拥有的,也是这种意识和能量。所以我常常说,打坐是很科学的东 西,并不是什么神鬼论玄之又玄的东西,当然,你在打坐的过程中也许会遇到鬼神灵异的东西,但记得不要去理他们,往大方向走,就会修得正果,别被修得正果这 4个很有宗教味道的字迷惑了,它的意思就是说当我们的思想意识已发展到了可以独立存在地步,已经到达了一种境界,也就是所谓的天堂境界了。人,如果你要跟 他说,修行是科学的,可以修成外星人,到另一个空间继续活下去,人家不要听你的,说你是疯的,你套了神鬼论,加了很多神秘色彩下去,才会吸引人。阿占爹 说,佛陀说过,佛厉到了5000千后世界就会开始毁灭,到处战争,宗教被排侧,那时候不再有佛教了,很多人都开始跑进森林偷偷的修行。阿占爹没说这是为什 么,我个人认为那是因为到了那个时候,人们都处在乱世中,人类受够了,深深的明白到唯有解脱才是最佳的方法,因为世间不再适合人类居住了,所以就得靠禅修 把自己提升到另外一种境界,才有 “资格” 取得通行证在另外一个空间继续的存活下去,那空间在宗教上称为天堂,在科学上称为另外一个空间,那是人类生存方式的一种转变,佛陀在2千多年前已经看到 了,才会设下他的教育来教导后人。

呵呵,写了这么多,你看得懂吗?Tok Moh 没有说这么多有关禅修的科学论,那是我自己加进去的,希望读者不要介意,当作看故事就可以了。打坐,需要的是实践,耐心与毅力,才会成功,而非纸上谈兵。 每个师傅都有他自己一套的打坐心得,人家愿意分享,很多时候不是出于显耀心态,而觉得打坐真的很好,才会鼓励人们去打坐。无论如何我们都应该表示感激,因 为人家愿意施教,至于修得到还是修不到,就得看自己了,一起加油!


前面提到在聊到算命的技巧与来源的时候,聊到了他在印尼的朋友,拿了一些文章跟我分享,我已经发布在 “好运快快来” 那里了,有兴趣的可以去看看。我问他,你的印尼朋友是修什么的?Bomoh 吗?他没有告诉我,他只是说那些资讯适合用在任何的宗教上,他说上帝其实只有一个,只是后来机缘关系被不同的人发展成为不同的宗教而已,如果有人硬要把他 们所信仰的上帝说成是唯一的,那么这就是很野蛮的说法。。。他继续说,在世界形成后,其实是魔鬼先到达这里统治世界的,上帝是后来才来的。上帝后来被人们 分支成为很多种宗教,但无论什么宗教都好,其意就是要教导人们走向正道,才可以 “回家”。我问他,那你如何解释有关佛教徒去世后,遇到的会是佛界里的神,罗汉,或佛陀,回教徒去世后遇到的是阿拉,而基督教是回到耶稣的怀抱里,他说, 这只是人们的想法而已,你信什么教,你的脑意识就有该宗教人物的画面,那很自然你就会见到那些人物。他的解释可接受,但我自己的解释是,既然上帝被 “分支”了,自然就会有其护法,所以什么宗教的信徒,就见什么宗教的护法,到该宗教的国度去,进行该宗教的 “系统”,就好比如人在马来西亚吃 nasi lemak,到英国吃薯条。他的想法跟我很相似,我很庆幸可以找到 “知音”,我一直以来都认为上帝只有一位,甚至认为上帝就是外星人。。。基于今天我会是佛教徒 (我是佛教徒吧? )可能是因缘关系咯吧。

后来我们又聊到了一个很深的话题,很值得深思的话题,虽然是在第一部曲算命的时候就聊到了的,但我忘了写出来,现在写在这边也蛮适合的。之前提到,我问他 能不能从一个人的命盘中去了解到这个人是不是 “圣人”,所谓的圣人其实就是指那些跟宗教比较有缘的,甚至有灵异体质的人,天生带修行命的那种。他说可以,也跟我谈了后来我讲的那位印籍夫人的案例。他 说,天生带有修行命的人对金钱比较不感兴趣,他们比较喜欢宗教这些东西,也有些人前半生很努力的赚钱,到了后半生却很努力的做慈善,这也就是说他的机缘到 了,他希望多种点善的种子。他讲到这里时,我突然想到了人家说的金钱就是万恶之首,金钱似乎很难跟上帝牵上关系,倒是跟魔鬼比较靠近。他说,那些人不喜欢 使用奸诈手段,也就是说那些世俗的赚钱手段包刮了任何程度上的欺、骗、诈,等他们都不喜欢,也因此跟金钱很无缘。我在想,难道活在这世上的我们真的必须在 上帝与魔鬼之中做挣扎吗?平衡点往哪里去找,人们走向宗教是为了寻找解脱的答案,寻求保障,还是心灵上的慰籍。

分享完毕了 这一次 Tok Moh 的3部曲,希望下一次可以探讨有关灵异方面的东西,尤其是他所修与施的法,有缘再见!

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