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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hatyai Trip 2012 - Part 1

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First destination was 合艾同声善堂 to donate coffin and medicine. This chinese temple located not very far away from Hatyai town area, cost us 100THB to get there by tuk-tuk.

Was wanted to visit this temple since long time ago. The temple is reputed with its very efficacious by granting devotee wishes after their good deeds in donating coffin and medicine to those who are needy. We must do the good deeds with good heart but not expecting anything from return, there is not like i give you a dollar, you return a favor to my wish something like that, this is dealing with devil, but not good deeds. So while i was there, i just hope my insignificant donation can do some help to those who are needy.

You can see an old uncle sitting at counter to accept donation. White receipt is for donation coffin and green receipt is for donating medicine. Minimum is RM30 (300THB) each and there is no maximum on how much you afford to donate based on your will. Once you got the receipt, take it to the temple beside it, put them on a table, proceed to joss stick table and take 21 joss stick to start your praying.

I cant say the temple is magnificent, but rather it has a real antique feel. Photo below shown the founder of this temple, obviously he and the rest of them were local chinese, they built something very great and appreciated by people until now, huge merit to them!

The main god of this temple is 宋太峰祖师, according to the ancient history of china, he was a general in the dynasty of Song. With this god you can tell your wish to him, and remember to puak pui after you are done, if you got positive pui, that means the chance for your wish to come true is high, dont get upset if you got negative pui, tell him more about your particular, such as your name, DOB, place of birth and current living address, narrow down your wish, dont be greedy, highly chances you will get positive pui.

Here you can also find other god such as 林姑娘 and 福德正神 (大伯公)。I dont know much about 林姑娘, but i guess you can ask her for relationship/loveship and marriage stuff, as for 福德正神, you can ask for fortune and wealth luck.

I really like the ancient look of this temple, feeling so powerful and spiritually full. Surprise to see such a well reserved chinese style of temple in the land of buddhism at Thailand here.

Here you can also ask for fortune using the drawing stick. Each stick will have a number of it, shack the container and tell your problem, after a stick drop out, puak pui to see if this is the answer to your problem, if positive that means this is the answer, if not that means you are not telling the problem clearly, quote your personal particular clearly, whats your name, DOB, place of birth and current living address, tell clearly the question you want to ask, a question at a time (a question for one stick). Once you got positive pui, go the counter and look out for the small note paper with number of the stick you got. Fortune stick drawing is common in any chinese temple, but here i saw many local thai there also enjoy doing this, look like efficient method just works with boundaries.

Here you can also release birdy, dont know how much they cost, and guess who is the seller, an Islamic women with full hair cover, i mean, hatyai is such a huge melting pot of religion.

This is the burning place of receipt that i mentioned early. Once you are finish with praying, take your receipt and burn it here, if you dont understand why you must burn the receipt, think it as form submission, you fill out the form early, you request the wish to be granted and now you burn to submit it, and rest assure people up there will take care of your query soon!

Within the area you can also find the typical buddhist style of temple like you seen everywhere in thailand here, such as buddha statue, 4-face buddha, elephant god and etc. There is a main hall and office serving emergency calls, you can see many vehicles and helper standby 24/7, they will be the first to the accident scene to reach their helping hands, they work more effective than local police, this is how merits were accumulated, this is the valued for the existing of this temple / organization.

We stayed for about an hour there. It was a great trip to this temple, hope we will return again in the future to give more support to this temple.

To be continue...

Note: Old forum thread from my forum at

Important Note: All photos and content are copyrighted, do not copy or publish this page in any media without author's explicit consent.


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